The Women’s Sales and Ad Club of Belleville started  in 1970, when the founder of Women’s Sales and Ad Club of Belleville (WSACB), Jane Ann McCaw, wanted to make things better for women like herself, who were involved in sales, advertising, and public relations. She saw a need to bring women together so that they could share their experiences and make a difference in their professional lives. Over a quarter of a century later, the vitality of our club, now named Quinte Women in Business, is due to many members that are strongly committed to supporting women in professional businesses with ideas, opportunities, and friendship. We are proud of our roots, proud of its founder and proud to pursue the vision.

In June of 2017. the club felt that they needed to rebrand to include a more diverse membership and changed the club name to Quinte Women in Business.

Our Purpose continues to be to provide a venue for women to network. Quinte Women in Business provides an opportunity for women with similar challenges to meet with other business women; to promote their business; to learn more about the principles of selling; to develop their careers, and to have a voice in the community.

Our Meetings are dynamic, enlightening, and energizing! Each month featured a social hour followed by a delicious dinner and the evening is topped off with informative and entertaining guest speakers. Quinte Women in Business meets the second Tuesday evening of each month.

Our Members are vibrant, enterprising women in their respective fields. They have a desire to be successful and are ambitiously pursuing their goals. Our members are involved in many areas of business and service.  A diverse cross-section of the business world is represented throughout our membership including Retail, Manufacturing, Government, Hospitality, Financial Services, Insurance, Real Estate, Advertising, Communications, Education,  the Travel industry and Not for Profit organizations.

2017 Quinte Women in Business Executive Board

2017/18 Quinte Women in Business Executive Board

Denise Franklin, Kate Just, Leanne Ballard, Sharon Donahoe, Maura-Jo Haytaoglu, Dana Goodfellow, Brooke Miller, Marijo Cuerrier, Melissa Haig, Gloria-Anne Richards.


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