January is typically a time of New Year’s resolutions, goal setting and new beginnings. To help you achieve your health goals and get back on track after all the holiday eating, we have been fortunate enough to have both; Ashton Calnon, Personal trainer and Owner of the Right Fit Inc. and Michelle Meilleur, Registered Dietician and Owner of Living Well Nutrition and Wellness Coaching speaking at our next event. (For more information on Ashton and Michelle, see their biography’s below.

We have a great year planned for 2016 and encourage you to invite your friends. Our line up for 2016 includes; Ashley Barrett, Owner of Ashley Barrett Book Keeping and Accounting and 4-time gold medalist and 7 time World Champion Jeyna Hefford.

Have safe and Happy Holiday. We look forward to seeing you at our event in the New Year.

ashtonSpeaker: Ashton Calnan, B.Sc, R.Kin

Owner of The Right Fit Inc. Registered Kinesiologist / Personal Trainer

Ashton is very passionate about helping people change their lives through diet and exercise. Having worked with hundreds of clients, Ashton has the ability to help and motivate anybody to reach their goals. With a Bachelor of Science, with honours in Human Kinetics, a certified Personal Trainer & Kinesiologist and extensive experience in athletic therapy, Ashton has the knowledge and background you can trust. Whether it be weight loss or gain, increased energy and strength or rehabilitation, Ashton is dedicated to your success.


Speaker: Michelle Meilleur

Registered Dietician – Owner of Living Well Nutrition and Wellness coaching

For over 10 years, livingwell has helped thousands of clients improve their health. With a unique approach to addressing health concerns, our clients often see drastic improvement with their health. Food First 80% of our symptoms are often caused or aggravated by what we eat. The first step in every livingwell program is to change nutrition habits. By doing so, you have an opportunity to experience how food impacts your health, begin healing and feel revitalized. Targeted Therapy 20% of our symptoms often become chronic and food cannot entirely heal symptoms. In the Targeted Therapy portion of your program, we drill-down to target stubborn symptoms. Specific nutritional supplements, herbals or homeopathic remedies may be recommended to eliminate such symptoms and get to the root cause of health problems. Personalized Protocol Our specialized coaching process allows us to develop your personalized protocol. You will know exactly which foods are optimal for your situation. This will allow you to maintain your results and feel your best for a long period of time.

Community Table: No Limits Youth Organization

cropped-edited-bannerThe No Limits provides affordable cutting edge healthy active opportunities for youth ages 5-19 years old in the Belleville area. The opportunities created here are designed to help youth achieve goals, discover their potential, and develop confidence for a stronger brighter future. No limits focuses on creating unique opportunities that are absent in the Belleville community. Check them out at: https://nolimitsyouthorganization.wordpress.com/


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Sponsor Table: Maura Jo from Arbonne



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