October’s Meeting For those of you who attended our last event and listened to Lina, in her talk, she shared the networking points that have made her successful in her business. I found that they were great points and feel they are worth sharing again. We are always networking with people, even when we do not realize it, and these rules can apply to everyone including how we grow and enhance our great club.

The five points of networking;

“1. Being Genuine/Authentic in your relationships. Be Yourself.

2. Hard Work – dedication in every job you take on, you never know where connections from first job to last job will lead you, so be mindful of relationships

3. It all comes Full Circle – don’t focus on short term for immediate gain

4. Willing to Share – by giving back to your network is to share by introducing people to each other. By sharing, not only do I create opportunities for myself but for others, just like I create strategic relationships or alignment of brands.

5. Social Networking – do’s and don’ts. You can maintain relationships by checking in through various forums. I do, as I travel alot. But at same time, don’t over share information. You are a brand. When it comes to social media, be on point with your messaging/brand. I tend to blend, work, personal, fun stuff, food shots, you name it so I cross range and hit alot of different people’s interest.”


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