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Leanne Ballard

Operations Leader Cloud Bookkeeping Services
Work Phone: (613) 480-5024


We provide FINANCIAL WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT Services. This means that keeping your books organized and in compliance is just a small part of the big picture. Unlike traditional bookkeeping firms that focus only on government compliance, we focus on the whole picture so that you can make educated decisions on the future of your business. By definition, bookkeeping is recording past data, but how can you make proper decisions for the future without knowing the full picture which includes both past and present data to properly forecast the future?

This is where we come in. We have a vast array of solutions at our fingertips to solve any business pain point. Welcome to the word of Cloud accounting. We are able to provide training or assistance with your books and share a screen with you as though we were side by side. We have the
education, training, certifications, knowledge and resources to take care of you with a more personal approach.

We offer CUSTOMIZED fixed monthly plans based on your business needs, wants and budget No additional software purchases required. Your personalized plan will include the cost of all software used No unexpected bills. If you require additional work beyond the scope of your plan, we will agree on a fixed price in advance. As both professional Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer with over two decades of experience, no deductions will be missed.

Board Member: First Vice