Photo of Samantha Lambert

Samantha Lambert

Registered Massage Therapist Quinte Mind & Body
Work 257 Pinnacle St. Belleville Ontario K8N 3B2 Canada Work Phone: 613-922-1058 Website:


Born and raised in Belleville, Ontario, I graduated the Intensive Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College in 2014. I am registered with the CMTO and an active member of the RMTAO and have been with Quinte Mind and Body since June 2016. I have a focus in rehabilitation, orthopaedic-based massage, joint mobilization, mobility training and functional movement patterns (FRCms), and Kinesiology Taping. Through massage therapy, I strive to help people improve their mobility and functionality whether for just day to day activities or for athletic performance, all while maintaining a relaxing and therapeutic environment.


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