QWIB Guidelines

While we don’t want to come off as rules-happy, we feel being clear about what’s acceptable and what’s not is a part of a good culture for the club. Below we have listed some of the items that we think make QWIB a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Please familiarize yourselves with this before attending a QWIB Event or using any of our social media channels.


Guidelines for getting the most our of QWIB events

DO: Remember to RSVP for each meeting. If you don’t RSVP, you we won’t be expecting you

DO: Bring guests that you think would enjoy the Quinte Women in Business Culture

DO: Sell, promote products and/or yourself, events, etc during the Happy Bucks segment of
our night

DO: Shop for Experts for your clients

DON’T: Shop for clients for your expertise

DO: Participate in conversations. Be professional, kind and supportive and be willing to give
honest feedback in a respectful manner

DO: Give recommendations for member businesses, report positive experiences, etc…. You
can look up members on our website at qwib.com under our Member Directory.

DO: Collaborate with members

DON’T: Don’t use it as an opportunity to set up an appointment to sell, this does not come off
as authentic

DON’T: Email generically or add member emails to your internal email list without first reaching
out for permission, please remember the CASL laws

DON’T: distribute personal materials at the meeting, wait for it to be requested

DO: Bring Business cards, it is hard to form connections without them

DO: Bring cash to each meeting as we have a 50/50 draw with some great door prizes

Facebook & Website Guidelines

Our goal with the Quinte Women in Business is to have a great experience for all.  In an attempt to keep our Facebook page and Website useful and relevant, please kindly abide by our posting rules set forth by the Board.

There are four discussions that should be on the MAIN page:

  1. Questions to our members about how to do something in your business, best practices, types of programs they use, etc…
  2. Referrals (to collaborate, for services/products, best practices, recommendations on business processes, apps, etc.)
  3. Shout outs to our members (thank you for services/products, to celebrate a member’s success, etc.)
  4. Discussions led by Board to encourage engagement, learn about other members and to hear more about the opinions, experiences and expertise of our members.  This is the best way to introduce yourself to members and build connections.
  5. QWIB Hosted/Sponsored Events, Fundraisers and information sessions

Our general guidelines:

DO:  Ask for advice, referrals, learn best practices, ask questions that you believe others can benefit from

DON’T:  Sell, promote products and/or yourself, events, etc…. expect during “Happy Bucks”

DO:  Keep posts simple and not too long (a couple of sentences to assure feedback)

DO:  Refer members within the group on posts looking for resources, referrals, products and Services.  Remember to use an @sign to tag them in your post

DON’T:  List people who are NOT members in the group.

DO:  Private message members if you have a referral that is not in the group.  This helps build a  personal relationship as well as trust

DO:  Message friends who are not in the group who you think of for a referral.  Tell them about QWIB and share the link for our Application

DO:  Check references of the individuals referred to you by QWIB Members.

QWIB does not guarantee business transactions between members.

We encourage members to do business with each other, provide superior service and meet their obligations to their customers/clients.  However, we know that sometime circumstances cause miscommunication or a bad experience to happen.  We hope all members will do their best to resolve their differences with each other.

DO:  Shop for Experts for your clients

DON’T:  Shop for clients for your expertise

DO:  Participate in conversations.  Be professional, kind and supportive and be willing to give honest feedback in a respectful manner

DON’T:  Hijack a member’s post by trying to sell yourself, promote a product, person….

DO:  Private message the individual if you truly want to help them

DO:  Tag other members to learn more about them

DON’T:  Don’t use it as an opportunity to set up an appointment to sell

DO:  Post personal accomplishments, awards, noteworthy achievements, positive articles about members.

DO:  Share links/opportunities for our members to be recognized (Top 40 under 40, Womanof the Year Awards, etc…) and/or nominate members

DO:  Collaborate with members

DO:  Post job listings or refer someone looking for a job. Post new jobs or job requests under the ANCHOR POST:  JOB POSTING. This keeps job opportunities in one spot and makes it searchable

DON’T:  Treat the QWIB Page as your personal page

DON’T:  Do a general reach out for coffee/lunch.  We have monthly Dinner Meetings. If you are interested in learning more, please emails us at [email protected]

DON’T:  Post memes or general articles. Although they may seem valuable, it bogs down the page. Should a meme or an article fit a Member’s post/question, you can post it in a comment under the post.

DO:  Message a Board Member about a post when in doubt of where it belongs or the appropriateness of the content.  


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